Find Your People

Find your people at Burlington Church.

  • Learners: Want to learn about Jesus? Join our basic bible study with Dom.
  • Kids: Do you have children? Engage your children’s hearts, bodies, and minds in Class and Children’s Worship.
  • Encouragement Group: Looking for a soulful friend, get connected at the Ladies Encouragement Group (LEG) returning in the fall.
  • Thinkers: Grow deep with Christians in our Auditorium Class for those who share a desire to be challenged.
  • Ladies Class: Engage in thoughtful discussion with other women in our Ladies Basic Bible Class.
  • Senior Brunch: You are never too young to join us at our monthly Senior Brunch! The 2nd Tuesday of every month @ Stelios Dinner in Billerica, 10:00am.
  • Two Eggs Please: Nothing like breakfast and conversation. Join us for our regular church breakfasts.

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