Chais is an advocate for people with exceptional needs, particularly families with mental health challenges. He cared for two children with mental disorders over a decade and is a member of the National Alliance for Mental Illness. Currently he co-facilitates a support group for families with mental health challenges through NAMI. In 2022 Chais moderated an interfaith clergy and lay leader training in cooperation with NAMI called Faith Communities and Mental Health (FCMH). He is a member of the Burlington Area Clergy group and Burlington Area Clergy for Justice. He also worked as a para-educator at an elementary school. In an effort to bring ministers together he regularly organizes minister luncheons to edify spiritual leaders.
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A discussion on the issue of racism. Learn about Racism, BIPOC, Colorblind, White Privilege, Institutional Racism, Separatism.
A discussion on racism with the Burlington Church. When did you first deal with prejudice? What is your experience with the education system? How do you handle personal attacks? How does Racism affect how you see others?
A discussion on racism for the Burlington Church. Be open minded, acknowledge lived experience, stay engaged, be willing to experience discomfort, speak your truth, expect and accept non-closure.
By Victoria Soracco
Dana’s Story
A life of loss, pain, addiction, triumph and faith.
Audio Version below.

A big thanks to Dr. Terry Smith who joined us two weeks ago and spoke to us about, “The Five Things that Jesus Wants for US.” Please enjoy his message!

Ruth’s Poetry Corner

…a lesson
I strove to teach my son of God
and found it oft in vain … 
on deafened ears the message fell
and wasn’t welcomed, I could tell.

I spoke of truth …
of His redeeming plan;
and how His Son, Jesus,
died for sins of man.

Of how rebellion is our nature;
how authority deserves respect;
 “There isn’t just your way
and mine, son …
but God’s, we must inspect!”

Seek Him in confusion;
pursue Him in your doubt …
His teachings will sustain you
when all else fails about.

The ABC’s you learned in school
have taught you how to read;
and numbers have importance
in all financial need.
Psychology is the study of man
his common ways, and odd,
but oh, my son, the Bible?
Ah! —-
the Bible, ’tis the study of God!

As onward went my message
I spoke with deep intent
yet, I could sense indifference
a strain, I could detect.

Verses may be quoted;
facts may never err …
but only faith with action
can make a heart stir.

I’ve learned since then
a lesson
that never fails to be …
in simple acts of kindness
my boy “sees” God, in me!

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