… a life’s partner

He sits there –
somebody’s life’s partner.
There on a bench
at the mall . . .
a husband just waiting
… and nothing more.
Patient … quiet…
‘mid confusion and noise
and the scurry of Christmas shoppers.
A people watcher
he is, of sorts,
observing the procession
‘til his wife returns…
his hair now silvered
and less than before;
his face more wrinkled
but mellow and calm…
a life’s partner, of many years.
She sees him now
from a distance, of course,
familiar …. dependable…
always there.
Soon he’ll help her –
he’ll give a hand.
He’ll see what she bought –
what was on sale …
and share in her enthusiasm.
When love is seasoned
it is grand!
There’s less to say –
you simply understand.
It’s comfortable to be
in the presence of this man …
a life’s partner.
And just when you are
truly one –
when nothing between you
can come undone …
nothing that matters, that is,
not when forgiveness
is uppermost ...
not when all that you planned
is found in a hand
that you hold …
and then strangely you’re told
 to let go –
and let God do His well …
take him home … with Him.
He’s gone, now –
and the bench is bare.
She misses him …
sitting there.
His priceless being –
their history …
a gift superior to any
store bought luxury …
a life’s partner.
She still feels
like he’ll pop-up … somewhere.
She knows that can’t be real.
Perhaps he’s sitting at another bench?
Or went to buy a present?
Or his watch stopped …
and he forgot himself –
or went to the men’s room?
No –
he’s gone.
She knows that to be true.
The mind plays tricks …
it will take time to start anew.
To face another Christmas …
the falling snow –
to dress the tree, again,
and do it all alone.
To miss this dear, uncomplicated
soul .. a life’s partner.
And every Christmas,
at the mall,
she’ll see him sitting there …
in every patient husband
waiting on a bench … somewhere,
and though the emptiness
takes time to heal
there’s something wonderful
about God’s plan –
for giving her
this ordinary, special man …
a life’s partner –
that warm, familiar hand
that was always there.

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