… and with new eyes

 We say: “I can’t ---- I don’t have time,” and so, the perpetual whirl of our life continues …

We are all busy. Work, appointments and countless obligations crowd our days constantly. Commitments hurry us along in a barrage of confusion and noise. The monotony, of routine, swallows up all creativity and the onslaught never ends. We move at top speed, fearful of losing step with the rest of the world, afraid of being left behind. Much of the frenzy is self-created, the rest unavoidable, after all, “life must go on!” In the midst, a small voice cries out, from within, longs for our attention, and won’t be silenced …

“There must be a better way! Something I can do,” we long to find it. Before us, the small voice, of the One who made us, insists: “Be still and know that I am God.” These words are arresting! They come to us when we’re depleted; quiet. When finally we listen. Only God knows the inner workings of our heart ---- He created it! To bounce things off from Him is to learn “from the horse’s mouth.” All else are mere words, and they are hollow. God gets to the source: deflates our ego – frees us, from ourselves – and once again, we see differently!

We’re people made of clay. All sinners; all lacking. Some of us broken, some mended, and most still struggling. We don’t “walk on water, “ ---- not yet. But, God reaches out to us, if we let Him.

His advice, we can count on! We can move slowly and with new eyes! We’re here to notice everything. To observe it – as precious – not just dismiss it into a sea of “has-beens.”

There is always something to delight us, of His making. Incidentals, simple things, that teach and inspire: a feathered family, snug in their nest, a bunny hopping, flowers flaunting their petals of color and perfume, or a sky, so blue, with clouds whipped up into mounds of meringue! We don’t have to look far … for wonder!

We’re not here just to build, perform, or accomplish ---- but to dream and discover! Life, this constant adventure, is a mystery in the making! Our very being can be called upon, by God, at any moment ---- and we will cease living. To ease up on conformity and attainment and to step back, from the rush, and to see from a slower pace is our task. Besides, why the hurry? We already are!

Our life is fragile, like a snowflake. A marvel engineered by God! When analyzed closely, meticulously, both are miraculous! Snowflakes fall to the ground like tiny, white doilies each fashioned with their own charm! Their lacey patterns are missed by the naked eye yet such intricacy and beauty is built-in! God scrimps on nothing when He designs! Then look at us ---- unique to the core! No two alike! Amazingly engineered by God.

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